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Student Alumni Panel

The following video was recorded during our Student Alumni Panel, January 2020. Every year the PTSA invites LJHS graduates to come back and tell about life in college! Grads share their experiences of what's going well, what they would do differently given the chance, advice for current high school students, what surprised them about their new school, what they like and don't about their colleges, living on their own, and much more.

The panel, moderated by LJHS College Specialist Linda Dowley, includes students from a wide variety of college sizes, locations, and programs inside and outside of California.

This PTSA tradition is valued by by students and parents! 


A huge thank you to the LJHS grads and current college students McClain Thiel (UC Berkeley), Mitchell Morrison (Southern Methodist University), Roxy Shimp (University of Rochester), Kaitlin Birnbaum (Vassar), Bobby Murphy (Arizona State University), Daisy Hathaway (San Diego State University) and Nick Cheney (Lehigh University) for sharing their valuable insights with us!

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