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Go Green

During the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing, masks are essential. However, disposable masks are proving to be extremely harmful to the environment. The amount of masks polluting the ocean is currently estimated to be more than the Jellyfish that live there. Imagine that! Now, masks, gloves, and bottles of hand sanitizer are increasing already enormous levels of trash in the ocean. But, we can do our part and wear non-disposable and washable masks to prevent this problem from getting worse. Many stores sell cotton masks, but to ease factory emissions, you can make your own! It is as easy as having fabric (could be from an old t-shirt), a needle and a thread! Learn how at this link or simply look on YouTube for another tutorial! 

Another Way to Go Green:

As we all know, factories pollute the environment globally. Concerning clothing, you can easily do your part to decrease the market for new clothes, and ultimately decrease the waste and pollution that results from clothing factories. You can do this by thrift shopping. For many, this is a hobby and the fact that it can help the environment is just a happy bi-product. If you think about it, the longer you can extend the life of a piece of clothing, the longer it WON'T be in a landfill. Thrift shopping is extremely popular among our nation's youth, but it can be an activity for all. As the number of people who refrain from buying new clothes increases, the market for new clothes will start to decrease and so will factory emissions. Also, many times a piece of clothing that you may want to buy new in stores or online will be available in a thrift store in just as great of condition, so there really should not be a reason to purchase new clothing in high amounts.

More Ways to Go Green:

These ways may seem more basic, but on a larger scale they can have a dramatic and positive effect.

  • Ride your bike whenever you can

  • Take shorter showers and never leave the water running when you don't absolutely need it on (When doing dishes or washing your face)

  • Always be sure to turn off your lights whenever you aren't in the room and unplug appliances when not in use

  • COMPOSTING! Composting dramatically decreases the level of waste you produce and leaves you will nutrient-rich soil you can plant with; It's a win-win!

For more tips on how to go green, the book (and additional documentary) Being the Change by Peter Kalmus is an exceptional guide.

Also, JOIN our environmental mission by signing up for the Earth Day Challenge! 

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