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College Admission Information with Linda Dowley

Visit for an overview of the College Admissions process. Created by Linda Dowley, La Jolla High's College Information Specialist, the website contains information for 10-12th graders on how to navigate researching and applying to College. In addition, Linda offers a series of videos to help students and parents better understand the college application process. The videos are currently being updated so please check back for the latest editions! For up-to-date college information, follow Ms. Dowley on Facebook @ljhscollegeinfo or visit


2020 Seniors Making the College Choice 

Learn how to evaluate your college options; how to tour schools without being on campus; how to decipher financial aid award letters and how to compare financial aid awards. Learn what to do if you are waitlisted and how to appeal a rejection. In this time of uncertainty, get help in making the college choice and finding the right college fit. Watch now>

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Know Yourself, College Fit - Part 2

In this segment, we discuss what each student should be considering when determining their "perfect college fit", including learning environment, geography, and intended major. Watch Now>

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Financial Aid - Part 5

In this segment we discuss the high costs of college and how families can be strategic in creating a smart college list. You will learn about different financial aid forms and how to find colleges which are generous with merit aid. Watch now>

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Intro to College Admissions Process - Part 1

In the first segment of our college information series geared to sophomore and junior families, we will give some big picture items for consideration before breaking down the college search and application process in later episodes. Watch Now>

#4 College Search.png

The College Search - Part 4

In this segment, we talk about college entrance requirements, different types of colleges as well as search tools and resources to help students research schools to craft their balanced college list. Watch now>

#6 College Wrap Up.png

Timelines and Wrap Up - Part 6

In the final episode of our series, we will review essential information about the college search process, talk about different application timelines and discuss next steps for sophomores and juniors. Watch now>

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