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LHJS PTSA Executive Board, Student Representatives & Committee Chairs

The La Jolla High PTSA is comprised of an elected Executive Board, nominated Student Representatives and Committee Chairs. If you're interested in being a member of the board or chairing a committee please contact Aimee Lansky at




President - Aimee Lansky

Executive VP - Marcia Branstetter

Treasurer -  Jill Ostrom

Parliamentarian - Julie Bubnack

Membership -  Molly Gutierrez

Hospitality - Sooji Kim Yoon and Rina Kim

Advisor -  Adi Hilsdorf Smith

Programs -  Celine Vargas Lopez

Historian -  Liat Cohen-Reeis

Auditor -  Zhene Lejuwaan

Ways & Means - Angela Landen

Corresponding - Alejandra Postlethwaite

Recording - Michelle Grandin

Eblast Manager - Kat Peppers

Teacher Representative - Kerry Dill


Leadership Chairperson - Eden Choi Fitzpatrick

Membership Chairperson – Shannon Cao

Membership Assistant - Mimi Rebeiz

Communications Chairperson – David Jimenez and Alee Ghassemi

Communications Assistant - Luke Lansky

Health & Wellness Chairperson - Araceli Chanda

Health & Wellness Assistant – Tess Van Skike

Extended Community Representatives - Zoe Huang

Extended Community Assistant - Sienna Lin

Environmental Awareness Chairperson - Nooriya Baxamusa and

                                                                           Sophie Boxwala

Student Affairs Chairperson - Lizzie Yoon

Student Affairs Assistant – Mia Arminio


E-Blast Manager - Kat Peppers

Social Media - 

Grad Nite - 

Emergency Kits-

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