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LJHS Disney Grad Nite Event Student Guide & Rules for Participation

Please be ready to load buses at LJHS at 12:oo (noon). The buses will load on Rushville Street in front of the football field. 


 1. La Jolla High School  Student ID is required to board a bus. NO EXCEPTIONS!


2. Students and bags will be thoroughly searched prior to boarding the bus and upon arrival at Disneyland. 


3. All students, purses, pillows, backpacks & pockets will be searched prior to boarding the buses by the chaperones. All bags must be smaller than 8 1/2 X 11 inches. If you can avoid bringing a bag that will make the process go more quickly.

** If you have any sort of medication including Tylenol, epi pen or aspirin, please let your chaperone know. All medication will need to be given to the chaperone to enter the park. These items will go in a plastic bag with your name on it and will be returned to you once you pass through Disneyland security.



          will have water bottles provided.)


5. You may bring a small pillow for the bus ride.


6. You must arrive at Disneyland aboard a LJHS PTSA bus. You will not be allowed    

            into Disneyland if you arrive by private vehicle.


7. Disney security, in conjunction with Anaheim police and drug sniffing canines will perform a search prior to entry. If anything is found, the student will be detained and parents notified to pick up their child at Disneyland.


8. Students, you will NOT be allowed to enter Disneyland if:

• You do not have a ticket purchased through LJHS PTSA

• You are not dressed according to the dress code (see Disneyland Resort Grad 

            Nite Rules or Disneyland dress code

• You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

• You are carrying a weapon of any kind

• You are carrying or using cigarettes, vaping product or tobacco product

• Your behavior is NOT acceptable to Disneyland personnel


9. Once past security, you will have full park access to California Adventure and Disneyland. At 9 pm the exclusive, private Grad Nite party at California Adventure Park begins and continues until 2 am.


10. Bags may be placed in lockers inside the park at your own expense.


11. Students will need spending money for food and souvenirs. 

12. Security is visibly present throughout the park during the event and a paging system is in place to reach the Chaperones should a student require assistance.




14. There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THE USE, PRESENCE OR POSSESSION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR OTHER DRUGS. Students will be detained and parents will be contacted for immediate pickup.


15. Disneyland sets all rules of behavior & dress. If a student becomes a behavior problem or disobeys any of the rules, his/her parents will be contacted and are REQUIRED to pick up their student at Disneyland. They will NOT be allowed to return on the LJHS PTSA buses.


16. The event ends at and all students must be on board the buses, prepared to depart by 12:00 A.M. No exceptions. ANY STUDENT, WHO IS NOT ON THE BUS TO RETURN TO LJHS BY 12:00 A.M., WILL NOT BE ACCOMMODATED. The parents will be contacted and required to pick up and transport their student from Disneyland at their own expense. 


17. Parents are required to pick their child up at LJHS at approximately    1:ooa.m. on Monday       . Students will not be allowed to drive themselves home. Please help us prevent accidents!


Be Safe, Have Fun and Congrats Class of 2024!

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