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LJHS Environmental Awareness Initiative

At LJHS, we value the resources that nature provides and do our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. At the rate our world is going, climate change will be one of the largest issues our youth faces. We believe that the sooner our children learn about pollution, carbon-emissions, and other environmental issues, the better prepared they will be in the future to make educated decisions in their personal and professional lives. 


Why we must GO GREEN: What is good for our planet is good for us and our future generations. Regardless of whether you reduce your water and electricity usage, use your car less, install solar panels, or even go vegan, your choices will aid in efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and the emissions of certain pollutants into the air. These changes on a larger scale can have dramatic effects on the improvement of climate change, and who knows; maybe your neighbor will be inspired by your installation of solar panels or composting bin and begin their own initiative. To stop climate change, the dwindling of important habitats such as certain areas of the Arctic, the pollution of clean air, and the other devastating effects it has caused, GLOBAL coordination is necessary, but local coordination is the first step. Do your part to GO GREEN!


What has LJHS done to go green?

In 2019, LJHS's Environmental Initiative took shape in a couple forms. During the school year Isaac Schultz, the Environmental Awareness Chair, made recycling bins accessible to almost every classroom around LJHS. 

In 2020, we are working on custom bike racks in front of the big gym in order to encourage green transportation. We are also creating an Environmental Awareness Fair to bring awareness to climate change and to start conversations about how LJHS can help the planet!

Join us!

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